DC Cherry Blossoms!

Well I had grand plans for this past weekend- to see the whole Cherry Blossoms affair. The Japanese Festival etc etc. I ended up just visiting the Tidal Basin (where the cherry blossoms are best seen) via a walk from Smithsonian Metro to Georgetown. I think you can tell from the set I'm not really that impressed but cherry blossoms. Maybe nature photography/landscapes aren't my strong suit. They were lovely however, even post-perfect-bloom day. I had a mind to shoot the whole thing in monochrome because monochrome is my jam these days and because the white blossoms made that doable. On the other hand, I figured since it was warm and nice and people were out maybe it was a good day for color. As a result I did a bit of both and ended up with set that was color and black+white. I usually like photos of a set to look like a "set," but I'm happy with these. The whole set is on the Flickr and the Washington, DC page- here are a few favorites:


The historic buildings downtown require regular maintenance. 


I think this photo may be better from behind than in front. It is simpler. 

She shoots.

This is one of my all time personal favorites. There were tens-of-thousands of people out that day, but this shot is so quiet- as if she was the only one there that day. Truth be told: I was about to take a photo of the Washington Monument and she got in my shot. She had no idea I there, but the result is fantastic- far more special than another Washington Monument photograph. The factors could not have been more perfect. 


Getting this shot with no cars passing by on a Saturday afternoon was never going to happen. I waited for the most generous opening and snapped. This woman was clearly a VERY serious athlete. No doubt from spending her afternoons bicycling and running the steps behind the Lincoln Memorial. I could see how ripped she was from 100 feet away. 

Red Hawk Tail Feather.

The lady sitting next to me on the Metro had this distinctive tattoo on her ankle. She was part Cherokee.