Brooklyn Bound!

Well, my plan to post regularly has somewhat fallen by the wayside. I blame the tyranny of the blank page. Nonetheless, I was in Brooklyn this past weekend and got some cool photos despite feeling a little inhibited all weekend. A shame, not only do I get some of my best photos in NYC, but the people there are so receptive to photography in my experience (compared to DC, anyway). I shot the whole weekend with my newest instrument- a Fuji X-E2 + Fuji 23mm lens. I'll talk more about the Fuji and my the rest of my budding arsenal in a near-future post. For now, I have posted the full 50-item set on the New York Page. Here are a few favorites:

Noho BFFs.

I walked up on these girls on a corner just north of Houston. The one on the left was holding her friend's jacket by the lapels and with the intersection in the background it was a great scene. Likewise, they were beautiful (and nice) and the shot came out well!

Hold Fast.

I met this woman adjusting her camera near Manhattan & Norman Ave. I noticed it was Nikon D90 (film camera) and used that as my "in." She was holding it as pictured with baby on her chest and when I asked to take a photo she offered to interlace her fingers which I didn't get at the time until reviewing it later. If she had her tattoo would have read HOLDFAST down the knuckles. Still a cool shot.

Brooklyn Bridge and Pier.

How does it feel to be the first person to photograph the Brooklyn Bridge? Pretty good! Ok I'm kidding, but I still really like this photo.

Old Fulton St.

One last look toward lower Manhattan before I'm back on the Amtrak.