The Photographers You Meet...

One thing I love about New York City how many photographers there are. Half the people have DSLR on them- and they aren't all tourists! That has three great benefits: 

  1. Community -  You meet so many fellow photographers, and it is always a conversation starter. You can learn so much fro strangers.
  2. Challenge -    So many people travelling the same streets. So many tourist shooting the same shots. There's always that challenge to capture something older than you are in a fresh way. You gotta push yourself for something truly special.
  3. Atmosphere - There just is no better place to be a street photographer. There is always life on the ground, always movement, 24 hours a day. 

While walking south from Washington Square Park I bumped it to two photographers. These guys are pretty good. Check them out on Instagram. 

@guyoak510 & @anthony_supreme

Photo by @guyoak510 - Leica M9