Back in NY!

5 lovely days in NYC! I hunted for apartments (found one in BK), saw a bunch of films (Hateship Loveship, The Railwayman, Jeune & Jolie), hit the BK flea, and of course, took some photos. The city was still chilly but lovely. I can't wait to go back in a few weeks. My full set is on the New York page, an even fuller set is on Flicker. Here are a few favorites:

SportClassic BK Sunset.

This was a fortunate accident. Heard a Ducati rumbling in the distance, finally got the Fuji turned on and ready, thought this photo was junk until I saw it on a computer. Always be ready, never delete from camera!

BK "Skyline."

A few of the apartments I scouted had beautiful rooftop views. In fact, just about any tall building in Brooklyn likely has a beautiful rooftop view. I think this points South-West, see Manhattan on the right.

View from Bank Rock Bridge, Central Park.

On a beautifully cool evening I wondered from Central Park South (59th St.) to 97 St. past the JKO Reservoir. This a a photo of The Lake and Central Park South.

The wedding photographer.

Many lovers in the park this evening, and probably every other evening. Several couples having wedding or engagement photos taken. For drama, I ramped-up the blacks and contrast. The silhouettes say it all.