I'm still alive!

It has been a good long while sing my last post because... blogging is hard. And I'm moving, and personal events, etc.... BUT(!) I have been shooting- film, no less- and have added photos to the Washington, DC, Philadelphia, and New York City Pages. Plus, Flickr and Instagram. I've been trying new film- Ilford Pan F 50 and Fuji Pro 400H, and loved them both. 

The Ilford Pan F is a slow film, ISO 50. So I took advantage of the beautiful weather and bright sun to see if the "world's sharpest film-" their words- was legit. Now, I can't speak to "world's sharpest," but I loved it. Sharp, and certainly more contrast-y than Neopan Acros. Also, when its that bright out you want a slow film. Especially when your Nikon FM only goes to 1/1000th. I didn't try pushing or pulling, though I've see people write of positive experiences doing so. I figured the film is already known for its high contrast and sharpness why be fancy?

Here are some favorites:

Capitol Building.

The Capitol Building in profile.

Congressional Pond.

The Congressional Pond.

Metro Girl.

Just an unsuspecting fellow metro commuter. This is another photo where I didn't see all the cool elements until after it was processed. The lines of the lights, the vertical hand rails, the slanted composition. Also, people at various depths- close, midway (girl with glasses), the the girl herself in profile, and all the people behind her fading out of focus. In fact, the whole image is of soft focus thanks to a bumpy train car working in my favor. You can see why subway photography is such a rich genre.   

Fuji Neopan Acros is what they call a "medium speed" film. At ISO 100 it's still pretty slow to me, but OK. As you can see below its not quite as crisp as the Pan F, nor does it have as much contrast. I like it, but I like Pan F more. Really it depends on the setting- the Pan F is brilliant for really bright days, whereas I prefer the Acros when the sun is less obnoxious. They're about the same money.

Here is a favorite:


God Hates Bags.

Natural is best. If I had my druthers I would have over-coached this gentleman to smile or to hold the bag a certain way and that would've been boring. I was driving down Pennsylvania Ave SE, near Eastern Market when I noticed his bag and immediately pulled over, ran back over a block to catch him and got this photo featuring this side eye. "Disinterested" is how I would describe it.