Philly Night Market!

After years of woulda, coulda, shoulda I finally made it to Philadelphia Night Market. An event held by The Food Trust four times a year all around the city. It's basically an outdoor food truck festival- think Smorgasbord in Philly. I had an absolute blast using the event to kick off a weekend in New York, and to try Fuji's Pro 400H 35mm color negative film for the first time. The Night Market was on May 15 and I would be in NYC the 16th-17th so I took 10 rolls to cover the 3 days. I shot 4 at the Market alone. It must be said at $10.50/roll, Pro 400H is a "pro" film and thus, not cheap. However, I loved the colors and it handled being pushed to ISO 1600 very well, as it should. I have a huge set on the Philadelphia page, Flickr, and Instagram (#nightmkt).

Also, this was my first run with a new Nikkor 50mm f/1.8 AIS. Purchased from KEH for $105, its 1/6th what I paid for my 50mm f/1.2 and I love it more. Small, light, cheap, sharp, fast and easy to focus- who needs an f/1.2?! If you have a Nikon 35mm collection- it is a must!

Take my picture!

The first #nightmkt of 2014 was held in Center City @ 3rd & Arch St.


The pottery booth.

In Love In Philly.

Pushed to ISO 1600.

Love | Philadelphia

Pushed to ISO 1600.