New Look for 2016

Hello hello,

As 2016 looms the site has a new name and look... FERGUS|FOTO is now A.J. Fergus Photography.

A little backstory-

In October I created (then recreated) a new project called PROCRASTINATOR MAGAZINE, to serve as a broader platform for artists and writers. As soon as I began crafting PROCRASTINATOR the flaws of FERGUS|FOTO crystallized. The site was a bit haphazard- endless content stacked on pages unlikely to ever be viewed. I needed a way to clearly display and direct viewers to individual sets. I also needed to cull the heard. That is crucial a) because you can't tell potential clients "Oh yeah, go to this link and scroll down about 57% of the way." And b) because anything that isn't at your 105% best is best left in the bin. 

Just like a portfolio site, a magazine needs to be clean and navigable, if not in the same way. A.J. Fergus Photography carries over the same principal. As I go about re-populating this site with new and better content I hope you like the new look and check back often to see what I'm up to in 2016!