2015 I'm here!!

After many, many, months I've finally returned to my blog! Winter was long and treacherous. I took a lot fewer shots and thought I lost my mojo. Now that Spring is here and the weather has turned I've been blasting through film. People (and the sun) are out and the city is beautiful again. Finally.  

Since my last post I've sold my Nikon D600, considered selling my Fuji X-E2, and picked up a few lenses and a tripod. I also spent a lot of time with the Sony A7 series. I shot a film with the A7s in S-LOG 2 and played with the A7II which I absolutely love and will be picking up to replace the old D600. I was amazed by the combination of the A7II with a Nikkor 180mm f/2.8 ED AIS. A tack sharp lens + IBIS is a killer combo. More on the A7II later, but the photos are all up on the New York City II page. Lately I've been shooting a Nikon F3 film camera,  also on NYCII, it's hefty but I like it's size and aperture priority. 

Here are a few favorites from the cold spell. Film & 35mm. More to come!