On Film Shooting...

The past fortnight has been intense! I had four shoots- linking up with Brooke once again some old friends. All of whom were lovely enough to come by for a few hours and be beautiful. They were all phenomenal- incredibly talented and gorgeous! Roll after roll just evaporated out of the camera.  I'm anxious to finally see these photos. Unfortunately, I'm trying a new out of state developer and the turnaround is longer.. 

The developer, a lab in Alabama was recommended by friend and fellow photog Brennan. My last lab, Sunshine in Midtown (also rec'd by Brennan), closed abruptly and I needed a quality lab I could trust. Sunshine was great because they were cheap, fast (same day even) and high quality (they did all the sets with Brooke and Kelly).  The new lab is more $$ but a professional film lab so I'm expecting great things. I shipped 36 rolls to Alabama- a mix of PRO400h, some pushed, Tri-X and TMAX all pushed, some Delta 3200, and a couple Neopan Acros.  I'm not looking forward to the bill.

Kodak Tri-X, Portra 160, PRO 400H, Fujichrome T64 (expired)

Kodak Tri-X, Portra 160, PRO 400H, Fujichrome T64 (expired)

Speaking of film- The reason I had so many film stocks to process was because I wanted to try different looks and "feels." More random than artistic. Also, I wanted to attempt to emulate the beautiful look of wedding photographers Jose Villa and Elizabeth Messina. Basically, the technique is this: expose for shadows. Boom. The reason being because film has such impressive dynamic range and highlight retention you can basically take much your fear of overexposure and chuck it out the window. Exposing for shadows yields both increased shadow detail and denser more information rich negative. Applies to both C41 & B/W. 

Those of you who pay any attention to lens usage might notice that the ZEISS 50mm f/1.4 ZF is my go-to glass. And it is, I love it. But for these shoots I've been sticking with my Nikkors. When I travel I try to stay as light as possible, usually one lens, two max. However, since I was home I took the opportunity to stretch my legs a bit. These older lenses are a joy to use. Mechanical throws, metal construction, compact, sharp.