Photowalk: National Mall

I was with some photographer friends down on The Mall this past Sunday. While the overall atmosphere was a bit too slow for me I always enjoy walking, talking, and shooting. We met at the MLK monument and turned West to the Lincoln memorial where we stumbled upon an anti-arctic drilling rally. We went as far west as the Smithsonian Castle before packing it in. Overall, I got some great pics, but would opt for a more lively setting next time.


Feelin' the Bern NYC P.2

Ok, this may be a little past due but for those Bernie Bros (and Gals) out there-

Well, I stumbled into another Bernie rally in Prospect Park. After a lot of procrastination I finally got out of the house with a Nikon F3 and 10 rolls of Kodak Gold. I went down to Prospeck Park expecting to get some photos of the Smorgasburg, but the Sanders campaign was once again in full throttle GOTV mode. The Bernie love was intense! Here are a few snaps...

Full set here:

Photo of the Day: 3.30.16

Following Fashion Week, I spent a lot of time (and $$) in Joe & the Juice during the month of February. I was meeting photographer friends and making new ones almost daily. It is certainly a New York hip/hipster spot. A 'scene', for sure. I think I'm a little too regular-guy for that crowd but the people watching is top notch.