Feelin' the Bern NYC P.2

Ok, this may be a little past due but for those Bernie Bros (and Gals) out there-

Well, I stumbled into another Bernie rally in Prospect Park. After a lot of procrastination I finally got out of the house with a Nikon F3 and 10 rolls of Kodak Gold. I went down to Prospeck Park expecting to get some photos of the Smorgasburg, but the Sanders campaign was once again in full throttle GOTV mode. The Bernie love was intense! Here are a few snaps...

Full set here:

Special Thank You: B-Authentique

I want to thank, from the very bottom of my heart, B-Authentique for featuring not one, but three sets of mine on their site. This is my first major form of publication and I'm over the moon about it. Getting started in the business is tough, and knowing whether you're doing the right thing or not will keep you up at night. I'm so grate for anyone with merely looks at my work, more so for feedback and features. I haven't done a lot of submitting to date just out of fear of rejection- I know, terrible.

Special thank you to Randy, who took the time to go on the Procrastinator Magazine and check out the model sets there. Here are the links!

I look forward to continued collaboration with this beautiful site well into 2016 and beyond..

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